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About Us

Khawam Creative

We are creative marketing designers serving clients in a broad spectrum of industries since 2009. We create meaningful communications that help our clients forge enduring relationships with the audiences that are critical to their success. We’re designers, problem solvers, information architects, web developers, writers, illustrators, and videographers.

We have been working with and for clients for more than 15 years and completed 1,000+ successful projects. Khawam Creative content provides marketing and creative solutions to leading companies in a spectrum of industries.

Our team is comprised of award-winning designers, expert web developers, and photographers, videographers, writers’ professionals. Together, we have a clear understanding of the marketing needs of companies and the expertise to create solutions to meet these needs.


Team Leaders


Tony Khawam


Creative Team

Tony Khawam

Creative and business development director with 15+ years of corporate and agency marketing experience. Tony’s marketing experience reaches over several industries including commercial real estate, financial, insurance, healthcare, and retail clients. He is passionate about contemporary art and design.

Creative Team

  • Creatively collaborated and managed in-house and outside agencies of graphic designers, copywriters, research analysts, and web developers to develop conceptual ideas and thematic directions for digital and online campaigns

  • Overseeing the creation of marketing deliverables including proposals, pitch presentations, collateral, offering memorandum, websites, social media, video production, and email marketing campaigns

  • Ensure the appropriate concepts, themes and messages are represented and present to key stakeholders


Why Work With Us?

We know the CRE landscape, we know your market,
and we understand the needs of your clients


Years of Industries Experience


 Focused on Client First


Successful Projects Completion

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